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Our Integrated Approach

It has been recognized that good practice in the prevention and reduction of homelessness should incorporate services that address homelessness in all of its multidimensional aspects, including housing, health, work, education and vocational skills


Integrated Service Model

Island Child has designed their programmes to improve flexibility in the way services are delivered, with a primary focus on transitioning people quickly out of crisis accommodation into permanent housing. An integrated network of community service providers is utilised to develop service users’ educational, employment and training needs while they are being housed.  Client needs do not necessarily end after leaving crisis accommodation, and their needs are often not for housing alone but substantially broader and more complex. Ongoing relationships with support services are required after clients exit into permanent housing.


  • A combination of crisis intervention and outreach support strategies aimed at facilitating independence;
  • A focus on moving vulnerable people permanently out of homelessness, rather than services that sustain people in temporary accommodation;
  • A holistic approach that is able to address the diverse range of issues experienced by different clients;
  • Use of innovative approaches to assist people who do not respond to conventional service models;
  • Integrated models of support and service collaboration that offer continuous support which does not end when they exit crisis or transitional accommodation;
  • Building client participation in planning, implementation and evaluation;
  • Skilled and experienced workers with strong case management capabilities and the ability to work and refer clients across different sectors (such as health, employment and financial stability);