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An Auckland mother says the mould in her state house is killing her children, one of whom now has holes in his lungs, and has suffered strokes

Housing advocate Danielle Bergin, who manages the Island cialis prix Child Charitable Trust have been helping this family overcome issues in dealing with Housing New Zealand.

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NZ Herald Aug 25th 2015




Article written on TV3 on Saturday 25 Dec 2010

Its called the season of giving, but for one woman, its never been anything else.

Danielle Bergin has been selling Christmas trees for 20 years.

But what used to be for a bit for fun is now to raise money for her homeless shelter.

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Article written on on Thursday, 11 May 2006

A PANMURE opportunity shop is providing inexpensive clothing and everyday essentials for struggling families in the community, as well as raising money to aid children in the Pacific.

The shop, run by the Island Child Charitable Trust, provides a New Zealand base which sends supplies to hospitals and schools in the Pacific.

Danielle Bergin established the trust in 2003 and says it first began sending baby clothes, nappies and linen to aid the work of New Zealander Dr Derek Allen at Norsup Hospital on a remote island off Vanuatu.

Danielle saw a documentary on Dr Allen just after the birth of her daughter, during which she experienced serious complications.

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Article written on Radio NZ on 2:52 pm on 23 May 2016

Once homeless herself, Danielle Bergin talks about, Island child, the housing trust she set up in East Auckland, and why more and more people are forced to sleep rough. She traces the start of the current housing crisis back to when WINZ took over housing assessments from HNZC.

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Article written on Radio NZ on 10:14 am on 23 May 2016

OPINION: Danielle Bergin once lived in a car and ate at soup kitchens. Now shes helping the homeless, through her Island Child Charitable Trust, but its getting harder and harder, she writes.

You see, Ive been homeless. I know how it feels. To have nowhere to go. To be stressed about safety. To feel lonely inside. To watch every cent and walk the streets daily, looking for free opportunities. To sit in libraries and read the paper, trying to pass time, waiting for the next free soup kitchen dinner.

Becoming a mother helped me gain a Housing New Zealand (HNZ) home 13 years ago. I proved I was cialis 10mg traumatised from a sexual assault. I proved I had a newborn baby. I cried in the HNZ office, and within days I had an offer of a warm, dry home.

Our little unit gave baby and me shelter and a place to heal. I grew in confidence as my baby showed me how to better communicate with others. People would stop me on the street to lean in to the pram to talk to baby and coo and aah. Looking back at my homeless days sleeping in my car, being transient, no one ever stopped me to ask if I was alright. I guess I wasnt a cute baby. I guess I had barriers and too much sadness around me.

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