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”  This is a letter conveying my eternal gratitude to you for rescuing my son and I from sleeping in my car as we had run away from our home to avoid any further domestic abuse.


We cannot convey in words how incredibly grateful we are for your immediate response to my urgent and desperate request received through the Auckland City Mission for somewhere safe to stay and also for your unconditional assistance.


ICCT afforded us emergency accommodation for over a month and asking for nothing in return.It is truly unbelievable to me that there are people like you at hand. I bestow a very sincere thanks and our eternal gratitude to you Danielle.  “

”  To date ICCT has acted as Community Work Agency, delivering a valuable service to the community, for the past four years. During this time they have worked with a wide range of offenders, offering them a safe, pro-social, supportive environment to complete Community Work hours. The Panmure Probation Service is reliant on the support of such dependable organizations as ICCT and we are grateful for their assistance over the preceding years. It should be noted that ICCT has successfully provided hundreds of hours of supervision of offenders completing their Community Work hours. They have also, consistently, exhibited professional standards as demonstrated with their staff who work in a transparent, collaborative manner with our service. I would like to take this opportunity to thank ICCT for their work with offenders and look forward to continuing this relationship in the future. “

” We write in support of Danielle Bergin and the Island Child Charitable Trust. We have long admired the work that she and her mother have undertaken in providing a homeless shelter fora number of vulnerable young women and their babies (and occasionally their male partners as well). These dispossessed young people often have no where else logo. Very few if any shelters accept men and women and it is our understanding that the ‘Trust” now receives referrals from a wide range of agencies. This includes the NZ Police, CYFS and a number of other governmental and non-governmental agencies. Island Child is unique in that it also provides an on-going mentoring service for their clients once they have been housed. They maintain a rapport with clients as social dislocation can be a real problem for rehoused families who find themselves in a new environment. “

”  The purpose of this letter is to acknowledge the services and support your organisation provides to the Glen Innes and Panmure communities. Our team working at the Community Link office in Glen Innes have commented on the positive outcomes achieved by Island Child.  Corporation staff have also commented on the excellent follow up work your Trust provides to families in need requiring emergency accommodation.
We look forward to a continued relationship with the Island Child Charitable Trust NZ.  “

”  I wish to express my gratitude and thanks to Danielle Bergin at Island Child Charitable Trust NZ for the opportunity she has given to my clients to complete their community work and the support and the kindness that she has given to each young person that I have referred on to her.
The opportunity that Danielle has given to my clients to complete their community work is a vital step when ensuring accountability and the affect of their offending. Not only has Danielle given each client of mine this opportunity, but she has made this experience for them to be an outstanding and memorable moment for each young person. Danielle has extended her kindness and hospitality to each of my clients and has taken the time to assist each young person in developing new skills which in turn has helped to increase their self esteem and confidence.
In the past three years that I have known Danielle, I have been encouraged by her outstanding dedication and commitment to her work. I believe that Island Child Charitable Trust is a vital asset to the community of Glen Innes and I can confidently say that any person who comes into contact with Island Child Charitable Trust will be greeted with the highest level of hospitality and service delivery that both my clients and I have received.  “

” We would like to extend our gratitude to you over this year for all that you have done in supporting us and our young people.
We provide a service within Glen Innes and Panmure for youth who have offended and their families – supporting these families and young people to become accountable for their actions and providing opportunities to these families to make positive life style choices. Without services like you at Island Child Trust, the work with our families would prove to be very difficult. Your support in connecting our young people to positive initiatives and to the community is greatly appreciated. In particular, your work with our young people on a one-on-one basis when they are completing their community work with you is a vital step when ensuring accountability and the affect of their offending. Your support with clothing and over-all wellbeing is also important to these young people. Thank you for being a part of this community, and may our relationship continue in 2007 and beyond! “