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The Trust

Island Child Charitable Trust is a non-profit organization established in 2005 and provides support and assistance to people marginalized or struggling and in need of support in the Greater Auckland area.

The Trust provides social services in a number of areas, welfare, health, education, youth and community development. The organization contributes to the wider community in many ways and provides counselling, advocacy and living essentials such as a Foodbank, clothing, furniture and appliances. Some of the services include:


Social Counseling and Advocacy

Confidential and free services are offered to youth at risk, and primarily focus on young people aged between 12 and 18 years. Referrals are made to our services by family members, gangs, government agencies and community groups.


Emergency housing

The trust provides emergency housing, a safe haven for families and at risk youth. We develop a sense of hope and build people up so that they can believe in themselves and become self-sufficient.

Often young mums have little or no baby accessories, such as beds, clothes, and blankets or somewhere warm for the baby; this is part of the support that the Trust provides.

The Trusts shelter accommodation aims to encourage personal empowerment by offering choices to develop a healthier lifestyle whilst acknowledging each persons individual needs for healing, growth and self-fulfillment.


Health Programmes

High risk families often have little income for food. This programme teaches these groups to eat nutritious meals on a budget. This will include education sessions on how to shop on a budget, where to go, what to look for.


Youth programmes (at-risk youth)

The youth focused programmes take a community based, cultural specific approach in a youth focused setting. The programme started in 2005, primarily targeting youth aged between 12 and 18 years. This service provides confidential free counseling support delivered by staff within the organization. Referrals are made to our services by family members, gangs, government agencies (including the NZ Police, Work and Income) and other community groups.

Evidence based youth initiatives programmes include:


  • Nutrition and physical activity programmes
  • Mentorship for reforming youth offenders
  • Promoting healthy lifestyle choices
  • Services to develop a positive self-identity