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The problem of homelessness

By the time whānau arrive on our doorstep, they’ve exhausted all other avenues of support, are deeply worn out from transient living, and have complex needs. Overwhelmed by constant uncertainty and worry, they struggle to look after themselves and raise their children. They may have unattended health needs or may be battling addictions. Some have disrupted whānau relationships and inadequate social support. Others may be negotiating serious psychological disorders or the traumatic effects of domestic violence or sexual abuse. They may not be receiving their full benefit entitlements. Those in paid work cannot afford market rents. They’re desperate to escape the stress and health risks of living in a damp garage, their car or crowded conditions. Struggling for survival robs people of their hope for the future and creates major obstacles to contributing to society. All need safe shelter, aroha and intensive support.

How you can help

  • Contribute to our programme expenses
  • Make a donation to help us buy our next property
  • Offer surplus linen and household goods in good condition
  • If you’re a business, offer in-kind support or a price reduction
  • Chat with us about other donations or in-kind support
  • Become a volunteer
  • Or suggest an idea – we’re open to offers!