Our Approach

Doing what works for whānau

  • Whānau-centred
  • Strengths-based
  • Culturally responsive
  • A personal touch
  • Achievable goals
  • Holistic wellbeing

We turn lives around

Professional support offered with aroha tells whānau they matter, they’re worthy of love and respect, and it IS possible to move towards a future they CAN define for themselves.

Whānau/adults gain access to the right benefits, the health care they need, educational opportunities, employment support, skills training and sustainable housing. Celebrating special occasions (such as birthdays and Christmas) with gifts, shared meals or fun activities fosters self-worth, self-esteem and friendships. New knowledge and skills enhance growth, decision making and wellbeing. Our stocked pantry supports healthy eating. Animal-assisted learning opportunities nurture caring practices, teamwork, personal responsibility and leadership, while having fun.

For some, the goal is simply to survive and be alive. Getting through each day is a huge achievement for them. They develop life skills, coping strategies and supportive relationships. Others come with dreams and aspirations they might not have expressed before. They identify goals and take action towards them. Some earn a certificate for the first time. Our social workers track progress and respond to issues.

We relocate whānau into sustainable housing, partnering with Woven Earth to turn houses into homes with household goods, appliances and furniture. Whānau/adults leave our village knowing our door is always open.

We also network with housing providers and government agencies, and speak out on housing issues to address the root causes of homelessness.

That’s what we do.